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Every hero needs a sidekick. We offer business owners (our heroes) support to deliver their technology ideas and ensure business operations run effectively. Let our years of experience in technology, running small businesses and startups support you with your venture.

We're your technology officer, on demand. We offer a competitive solution for all of your technology needs; from tech operations, online marketing, project management, digital creative, websites, apps, software and hardware solutions, implementation and support.

Hollza was founded by Nick Howland (LinkedIn | CV available on request). Nick founded various small businesses and startups before Hollza, in multiple industries (e-commerce, consumer apps, digital marketing, social media, automotive retail), even founding a technology incubator.

With near 20 years of experience now we're here to help more small businesses rule this ever increasingly technological world.

Our core specialities

  • 👨🏻‍💻 Organised (veteran COO in the house!)
  • 🎛 Technical (we're technology nerds)
  • 🎉 Creative (we're hands on with vision)

Bonus: We come with a ton of contacts. So if we can't directly support you, we probably know who can.

Over 40 ventures supported to date


  • Projects recognised by influential global brands
  • Growing multiple online communities to 20,000+ members
  • Increasing client’s e-commerce revenue 10x to six figures
  • Growing client’s social media following x30 in 3 months
  • Industry recognition
  • Running daily operations for UK startups
  • Won industry and press awards with brands and businesses created
  • Trusted by brands worldwide in distribution and technical support

What our heroes say

“I’ve worked with Nick over a period of ten years, and over four projects. There’s plenty of reasons why I kept going back!

Nick has an incredible ability to see things others don’t, he understands the detail and complexity of a project and has excellent vision in driving it forward. He is always thinking outside the box with a realistic and balance approach.

Nick is reserved, with a calm, reassuring manner, the sort of guy you can tell his mind is always one step ahead. His skill set seems never ending and his extensive knowledge around so many business areas makes him an extremely valuable asset to any project.”
Jim, AutoNet.app

"For any business idea, no matter how big or small, we have sought out Nick's advice. He always responds quickly and pro-actively, and he provides input that is invaluable to pushing forward our ideas.

Having worked with Nick across a few projects for over 6 years, we have forged a very positive relationship and this has definitely helped us to achieve our goals. Nick's wide-ranging assistance has directly enhanced the entire process and end-product. This was especially the case in one such long-term project, where Nick provided exceptional advice and connections within his industry that helped us to work towards concluding our very complex automated web-based business.

We have always felt totally in-sync with Nick and he combines being extremely patient and receptive to instructions, with exceptional knowledge and vision to help achieve our goals."
Rob, Instalaw Limited

We'd love the opportunity to work with you


Flexible hours on a wide range of support to help deliver your ideas and to ensure your business runs smoothly. New to Hollza? Try us for the first hour, if you’re not satisfied, it’s on us.

Hours per month Price per hour
First 1-5 hours £50
Next 5-30 hours £40
30+ hours £30
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