Ready for a more joyful home? Draw inspiration from work with our clients and spaces we admire…

Here are just a few ways we’ve helped clients with their home operations…


  • Decluttered pantry, sorted and systemised food storage to reduce waste and save time whilst cooking.
  • Fixed cabinet lighting and Insinkerator.
  • Tidied worktops and cleaned cabinetry.


  • Restructured and refocused rooms, where previously two rooms mixed functions between work and exercise. Enabled the redesign of the spaces through interior design to clearly define environments. The client now has dedicated study and exercise areas, improving focus.
  • Created a centralised storage and display of household books, introducing multiple bookcases to create a library. Cleaned, organised and categorised books by genre. Donated unwanted books.
  • Organised family photo albums. Now prominently on display, giving the client more desire to browse through them on a regular basis.
  • Built flatpack furniture.


  • Advised on interior design choices, including furniture, soft furnishings, and decor.
  • Created a more efficient room layout, for easier flow.


  • Cleared and decluttered cupboard contents.
  • Created a new tool box of regularly used tools for the home.
  • Repaired and replaced fridge water filter and bulbs.


  • Made up and painted wooden storage box solutions.
  • Decluttered and reorganised entire garage contents. Reducing contents to less than half, doubling previous space for new projects.


  • Extended home wifi network where areas weren’t previously covered.
  • Introduced a password manager system to their family workflow.
  • Advised on device backups and cloud photo storage solutions.
  • Reduced monthly TV package cost by almost 50%.
  • Sold old tech, releasing value for the client.
  • Setup new smartphone devices, creating recurring backups and ensuring secure working practises. Helped the client to understand new service options.


  • Liaised with the council planning department on behalf of the client.
  • Advised and organised cheaper energy supplier deals for the client.