Porsche 911T 2.4 MFI (1972) [Feature]

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A 1972 2.4 MFI 911T, otherwise known to Porsche fans as the “oil flap”. With only 300 produced, this US originating 911T is a rare find.

So why “oil flap”?

Let’s start with the 911 basics… the rear mounted engine. As one of the earlier 911s, the T from 1972 carried over several significant changes to those produced prior. Engine size increased to 2.4 litres, the capacity found by increasing the stroke, compression decreased to allow engines to run on regular fuel (mainly for US unleaded fuel), and the use of forged crankshafts. MFI (Mechanical Fuel Injection) made its way to the US version of the T, creating the 2.4 MFI powertrain. With mechanical fuel injection, the US T produced 10 horsepower more than the still carburettor versions sold to other countries.

For 1972 only, the dry-sump oil tank was relocated from the position behind the right rear wheel on previous models to a place ahead of the wheel instead. Access to this tank was made via an external filler door, similar to a fuel filler door in appearance (see the photo beneath of the (US) passenger door), whereby the oil could be topped up. This relocation of the tank and filler access was made to improve the handling balance of the car, by moving the weight forward to reduce oversteer (famously an issue with older 911s due to the weight of the engine residing over the rear wheels rather than further forward in the chassis).

However, this relocation, and external oil filler door caused a new issue. An issue with unwary service station attendants mistaking the oil filler flap for a fuel flap, thereby pumping fuel into the oil tank instead. On this knowledge, Porsche were forced to put the oil tank back in its original location on new models produced from 1973. Hence why this 1972 911T is know as the “oil flap” and why there are only around 300 in existence worldwide. A common mistake in 1972 resulting in a rare 911 nowadays.

This particular 911T is finished in its factory shade of Light Yellow. Originating from the US, the car spent its life in the drier climes so is structurally excellent and very original. The previous owner has removed the original bumper trims and chrome side skirts for that period “Cafe Racer” look. To compliment this, the car benefits from brand new front seats (a 911S-spec reproduction seat and period bucket seat for the driver) and a Momo Prototipo steering wheel. The suspension has also been upgraded to RS specification for improved handling and stature.

As long as this 911T stays clear of unwary service station attendants in the future it should hope to last another 90,332 miles…


Engine2.4 L aircooled flat 6 cylinder
Transmission5-speed manual
Power140 bhp
0-62mph7.6 seconds
Top speed128 mph

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